Industry, Infrastructure

Technological advances lie at the heart of efforts to achieve this goal. No technology or innovation industrialization will not continue, and we want to develop scientific research and raise the technological level of the industrial sector through our activities.

No hunger

We are aware that the agriculture and food sectors are key to fighting poverty. Our goal is to increase productivity and production, sustain ecosystems, adapt to climate change and - using our products - gradually improve soil and land quality.


Climate change is being felt in every country on all continents. The issue of excessive greenhouse gas emissions requires coordinated cooperation and solutions developed at the international level. We want to jointly counteract these unfavorable changes, reducing our negative impact on the environment.

Clean water and sanitation

While running our business, we try to significantly increase efficiency use of water to contribute to solving the problem of water scarcity.

Responsible consumption and production

Sustainable consumption and production require a systematic approach and collaboration of actors in the entire supply chain, from producers to consumers. Therefore, at Grupa Azoty, we conduct numerous training courses, e.g. for farmers.

Economic Growth and Decent Work

We pursue this goal by supporting the socio-economic development of cities and regions at our main plant locations.


Letter from the President of the Management Board

Ladies and Gentlemen,

 we are pleased to present another integrated report of the Grupa Azoty Group. We are about to take you on a guided journey around the fascinating world of the present-day chemical industry. We would like to show you how each of our key companies has been creating value for themselves, the entire Group and the Polish economy. We believe in safe and useful chemicals, developed through innovation, helping mankind to confront the challenges of the 21st century.

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We are proud of the Group’s integrated approach to social, environmental and economic aspects, seeking to propagate it also among our customers. Ph.D. Wojciech Wardacki
Financial performance

Consolidated revenue

In 2017, the Group’s consolidated revenue was PLN 9,617,495m, having increased by 7.3% year on year.

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7,3 %
Revenue by segment

Source: Company data * Financial data restated in accordance with the information presented in Section 2.4 of the Supplementary information to the consolidated financial statements.

Our relations

We are committed to dialogue with our stakeholders

We are aware that in a highly volatile environment, regular and fair exchange of information is a foundation of mutual understanding, which in turn translates into better business performance.

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Ensuring safe production for people and the environment

We are proud of our products. At the Grupa Azoty Group, we are all committed to building the strength of our brand, realising that the quality of our product and service portfolio is the hallmark of the entire Group and each of its members.

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The future

Strategic priorities for corporate social responsibility

We are perfectly aware of the enormous responsibility involved in the chemical business. Sustainable development and corporate business responsibility are of strategic importance to us.

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Strengthening of the market position

Growth through smart agriculture

Without agriculture, there would be no need for our fertilizers. On the other hand, without them, modern agriculture would not exist as it is.

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